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  • tetraodontiform — ▪ fish order Introduction       any member of the order Tetraodontiformes, a group of primarily tropical marine fishes that evolved from the Perciformes (the typical advanced spiny rayed fishes) during the Eocene Period of the Cenozoic Era, about …   Universalium

  • eddy — i. A local irregularity in wind producing gusts and lulls. Small scale eddies produce turbulent conditions. ii. The more or less circular motion produced by an obstruction in the path of moving fluid, such as against a streamlined flow on an… …   Aviation dictionary

  • SEKERZH-ZENKOVICH — RUSSIA (see also List of Individuals) 31.7.1899 Starodub/RU 18.1.1985 Moscow/RU Yakov Ivanovich Sekerzh Zenkovich graduated as a mathematician from the University of Moscow in 1924, and as a civil engineer in 1925. He gained his PhD title from… …   Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000

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