1. verb
To engage in long-distance communication by magic or telepathy.

Then the conversation turned to a vexatious old topic: Deniss continuing futile attempts to farspeak other telepaths.

2. noun
The use of magic or telepathy to communicate over long distances.

Alerted by the powerful farspeak of the watching prairiecat, Whitetip, as soon as the Ganiks began filing down the path from the shelf, Bili had all three hundred and twelve of his male and female warriors standing to arms...

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  • farspeaker — noun a) One who farspeaks. I wish I wasnt so messed up; I wish I was bigger and stronger. Or a Farspeaker like Kyril,” she replied in a very small voice. “You cant help what happened. As for being a Farspeaker, I dont think both of us together… …   Wiktionary

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