Reform Judaism

A form of Judaism less strict than most others, with services often conducted with less Hebrew.
See Also: Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Chasidim, Jew, Jewish

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  • REFORM JUDAISM — REFORM JUDAISM, first of the modern interpretations of Judaism to emerge in response to the changed political and cultural conditions brought about by the emancipation . The Reform movement was a bold historical response to the dramatic events of …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Reform Judaism — refers to the spectrum of beliefs, practices and organizational infrastructure associated with Reform Judaism in North America and in the United Kingdom. [Meyer, Michael. Response to Modernity: A History of the Reform Movement in Judaism (New… …   Wikipedia

  • Reform Judaism — Judaism as observed by Reform Jews. [1900 05] * * * Religious movement that has modified or abandoned many traditional Jewish beliefs and practices in an effort to adapt Judaism to the modern world. It originated in Germany in 1809 and spread to… …   Universalium

  • Reform Judaism — Reform′ Ju′daism n. jud a branch of Judaism that stresses ethical teachings and frequently simplifies or rejects traditional beliefs and practices to meet the conditions of contemporary life Compare Orthodox Judaism Conservative Judaism •… …   From formal English to slang

  • Reform Judaism — noun 1. the most liberal Jews; Jews who do not follow the Talmud strictly but try to adapt all of the historical forms of Judaism to the modern world • Hypernyms: ↑Judaism, ↑Hebraism, ↑Jewish religion • Member Meronyms: ↑Reform Jew 2. beliefs and …   Useful english dictionary

  • Reform Judaism — noun a form of Judaism which has reformed or abandoned aspects of Orthodox Jewish worship and ritual in an attempt to adapt to modern life. Derivatives Reform Jew noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • Reform Judaism — noun Date: circa 1905 Judaism marked by a liberal approach in nonobservance of much legal tradition regarded as irrelevant to the present and in shortening and simplification of traditional ritual compare Conservative Judaism, Orthodox Judaism …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Reform Judaism — /rəfɔm ˈdʒudeɪˌɪzəm/ (say ruhfawm joohday.izuhm) noun a branch of Judaism originating in the 19th century, which adapts historical Judaism to modern life and does not require strict observance of traditional law …   Australian English dictionary

  • Reform Judaism — the most liberal branch of Judaism …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Reform Judaism (North America) — Reform Judaism is the largest denomination of American Jews today. [Bob Abernathy, [ Reform Judaism ] , Public Broadcasting Service, May 1999.] [Matthew Wagner and Greer Fay Cashman,… …   Wikipedia

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