Any methyl derivative of histidine, but especially 3-methylhistidine which is found in contractile muscle

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  • N-methylhistidine — A methylated derivative of histidine found in actin; in the breakdown of actin and myosin, N methylhistidine is released into the urine; urinary output of N methylhistidine is a reliable index of the rate of myofibrillar …   Medical dictionary

  • 3-methylhistidine — 3 meth·yl·his·ti·dine (meth″əl hisґtĭ dēn) an amino acid occurring in myofibrillar proteins that is released by catabolism and excreted in the urine; the rate of urinary excretion has been proposed as an indicator of muscle… …   Medical dictionary

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  • 3MH — 3 methylhistidine …   Medical dictionary

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