1. verb /əʊn,pəʊn,pəʔˈəʊn,pɔːn,piˈəʊn,pwən,pwəʔˈn̩,oʊn,poʊn,pəʔˈoʊn,pɔːn,piˈoʊn,pwəʔˈn̩/
a) To own in the sense of defeat.
b) To beat someone or something by a wide margin, usually in relation to a game.
2. noun /əʊn,pəʊn,pəʔˈəʊn,pɔːn,piˈəʊn,pwən,pwəʔˈn̩,oʊn,poʊn,pəʔˈoʊn,pɔːn,piˈoʊn,pwəʔˈn̩/
Triumph, defeat, victory. Often exclaimed after an opponent in a video game is defeated.

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