Describing the Catarrhini parvorder of primates (including humans) that have nostrils that are close together and directed frontward or downward
2. noun
Any animal of this group

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  • catarrhine — [kat′ə rīn΄, kat′ərin] adj. [ModL catarrhinus < Gr katarrin, long nosed < kata (see CATA ) + rhis, nose: see RHINO ] having a nose with the nostrils placed close together and opening to the front n. a catarrhine animal, as a human, gorilla …   English World dictionary

  • Catarrhine — Cat ar*rhine, n. [Gr. kata rris with hanging or curved nose; kata down + ri s, rino s nose.] (Zo[ o]l.) One of the Catarrhina, a division of Quadrumana, including the Old World monkeys and apes which have the nostrils close together and turned… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • catarrhine — adjective Etymology: New Latin Catarrhina, from Greek katarrhina, neuter plural of katarrhin hook nosed, from kata + rhin , rhis nose Date: 1863 of, relating to, or being any of a division (Catarrhina) of primates comprising the Old World monkeys …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • catarrhine — /kat euh ruyn /, adj. 1. belonging or pertaining to the group Catarrhini, comprising humans, anthropoid apes, and Old World monkeys, having the nostrils close together and opening downward and a nonprehensile, often greatly reduced or vestigial… …   Universalium

  • catarrhine — cat•ar•rhine [[t]ˈkæt əˌraɪn[/t]] also cat•ar•rhin•i•an [[t]ˌkæt əˈrɪn i ən[/t]] adj. 1) zool. having the nostrils close together and opening frontward or downward 2) zool. a catarrhine animal, esp. an anthropoid ape or Old World monkey •… …   From formal English to slang

  • catarrhine — cat·ar·rhine (katґə rīn) [cata + Gr. rhis nose] having nostrils that are close together and directed downward; said of certain primates, including humans. See Cercopithecoidea …   Medical dictionary

  • catarrhine — [ katərʌɪn] adjective Zoology relating to or denoting primates of a group distinguished by having close, downwardly directed nostrils and lacking a prehensile tail, comprising the Old World monkeys, gibbons, great apes, and humans. Compare with… …   English new terms dictionary

  • catarrhine — cat·ar·rhine …   English syllables

  • catarrhine — /ˈkætəraɪn/ (say katuhruyn) adjective of or relating to a group of primates including the monkeys of Africa and Asia, higher apes, and humans, characterised by nostrils which are set close together and directed downward. Compare platyrrhine.… …   Australian English dictionary

  • catarrhine — adj. & n. Zool. adj. (of primates) having nostrils close together, and directed downwards, e.g. a baboon, chimpanzee, or human. n. such an animal (cf. PLATYRRHINE). Etymology: CATA + rhis rhinos nose …   Useful english dictionary

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