speed camera

a roadside camera, triggered by a speeding vehicle, that takes a photograph of the offending vehicle and records its speed.

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  • speed camera — noun An automatic camera installed at the side of a road to measure and record the speed of vehicles (often shortened to speed cam) • • • Main Entry: ↑speed * * * speed camera UK US noun [countable] [singular speed camera …   Useful english dictionary

  • speed camera — speed cameras N COUNT A speed camera is a camera positioned at the side of a road which automatically photographs vehicles that are going faster than is allowed. The photographs can be used as evidence in a court of law …   English dictionary

  • speed camera — ► NOUN ▪ a roadside camera designed to catch speeding vehicles by taking video footage or a photograph …   English terms dictionary

  • speed camera — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms speed camera : singular speed camera plural speed cameras British a machine by the road that takes a photograph of your car if you drive too fast, so that the police can use it to punish you …   English dictionary

  • speed camera — /ˈspid kæmrə/ (say speed kamruh) noun a computerised camera positioned to monitor traffic and photograph the number plate of any vehicle that exceeds the speed limit …   Australian English dictionary

  • speed camera — noun a roadside camera designed to catch speeding vehicles by taking video footage or a photograph …   English new terms dictionary

  • SPECS (speed camera) — SPECS is a speed camera system manufactured by the British company Speed Check Services Limited, from which it takes its name (Speed Check Services). About SPECS cameras The cameras operate as two or more sets along a fixed route that can be from …   Wikipedia

  • Mobile speed camera — A mobile speed camera is speed limit enforcement device used in the United Kingdom to refer to a road vehicle fitted with speed camera equipment which can park at the side of the road, or on overbridges to monitor the speed of passing traffic.… …   Wikipedia

  • High speed camera — A high speed camera is a device used for recording slow motion playback films, or used for scientific study of transient phenomena.A normal motion picture is filmed and played back at 24 frames per second, while television uses 25 frame/s (PAL)… …   Wikipedia

  • red-light speed camera — noun a camera at a road intersection, combining the functions of a red light camera and a speed camera …   Australian English dictionary

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