adjective /ˌkaʊntəɹəˈtɹaktɪŋ/
Serving to counterattract.

There are no counterattracting or counteracting forces in God or in His universe, including man.

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  • counterattractive — adjective /ˌkaʊntəɹəˈtɹaktɪv/ Acting as a counterattraction; counterattracting. In the struggle against the influence of such revelations, the counterattractive force of appeals to consider British interests was weakening. See Also: counterattract …   Wiktionary

  • counterattraction — noun /ˌkaʊntəɹəˈtɹakʃən/ Something that vies for the attention of a person or thing in competition with something else; a rival for preference. The Old Testament is responsible for more atheism, agnosticism, disbelief   call it what you will … …   Wiktionary

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