Rubenstein's Revenge

A pattern involving juggling three or more props whilst crossing and uncrossing ones arms.

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  • Rubenstein's Revenge — is a 3 ball toss juggling pattern named by George Gillson after its inventor, Rick Rubenstein.Gillson, George. Beyond the Cascade: Step by Step Guides to 88 Classic 3 Ball Juggling Tricks. p 68, The Ugly Juggling Co: UK 1993. ISBN 0951699814 ]… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiplex (juggling) — 3 ball Cascade with triplex Multiplexing is a form of toss juggling where more than one ball is in the hand at the time of the throw. The opposite, a squeeze catch, is when more than one ball is caught in the hand simultaneously on the same beat …   Wikipedia

  • Chops (juggling) — This article is about the juggling trick. For other uses, see Chop (disambiguation). Chops is a 3 ball (or club) juggling pattern based on the cascade but involving a semicircular carry performed with either one or both hands (Single Chops/Double …   Wikipedia

  • Mills Mess — An illustration of the 3 ball Mills Mess. In juggling, the Mills Mess is a popular toss juggling pattern, typically performed with three balls although the number and objects can be different. It is considered somewhat of a milestone in juggling …   Wikipedia

  • Columns (juggling) — A standard 3 ball columns Columns,also known as One up Two up, is a juggling trick where the balls are thrown upwards without any sideways motion. The simplest version involves having three balls, with two going up simultaneously on either side,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Burke's Barrage — is a toss juggling pattern named after its inventor Ken Burke. It is quite popular among jugglers due to the impressive arm moves, but it s not so hard to master, compared to the Rubenstein s Revenge for example.The pattern is based on the… …   Wikipedia

  • Claw (juggling) — This article is about the juggling trick. For other uses, see Claw (disambiguation). In toss juggling, a claw (also called a snatch) is a trick in which the hand throwing or catching a ball is turned upside down so that the palm of the hand faces …   Wikipedia

  • The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling —   …   Wikipedia

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