Fresnel zone plate

An optical device that uses diffraction through alternate transparent and opaque rings to function as a lens

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  • Zone plate — A zone plate is a device used to focus light. Unlike lenses however, zone plates use diffraction instead of refraction. Created by Augustin Jean Fresnel [freɪ nel] , they are sometimes called Fresnel zone plates in his honor. The zone plate s… …   Wikipedia

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  • Fresnel integral — S(x) and C(x) The maximum of C(x) is about 0.977451424. If πt²/2 were used instead of t², then the image would be scaled vertically and horizontally (see below). Fresnel integrals, S(x) and C(x), are two transcendental functions named aft …   Wikipedia

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  • Integral de Fresnel — S(x) and C(x) El máximo de C(x) es 0,977451424. Si se utiliza πt²/2 en vez de t², entonces la imagen estaría escalada verticalmente y horizontalmente (ver comentario abajo). Las integrales de Fresnel, S(x) y C(x), son dos funciones trascenden …   Wikipedia Español

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  • Computer-generated holography — (CGH) is the method of digitally generating holographic interference patterns. A holographic image can be generated e.g. by digitally computing a holographic interference pattern and printing it onto a mask or film for subsequent illumination by… …   Wikipedia

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