Any reaction in which the elements of a hydrogen halide are removed from a molecule

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  • Dehydrohalogenation — Dehalogenation Dehydrohalogenation is an organic reaction from which an alkene is obtained from an alkyl halide [1]. It is also called a β Elimination reaction and is a type of elimination reaction. In this reaction, the …   Wikipedia

  • dehydrohalogenation — dehidrohalogeninimas statusas T sritis chemija apibrėžtis Vandenilio halogenido atskėlimas. atitikmenys: angl. dehydrohalogenation rus. дегидрогалогенирование …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • organohalogen compound — Introduction  any of a class of organic compounds (organic compound) that contain at least one halogen (halogen element) ( fluorine [F], chlorine [Cl], bromine [Br], or iodine [I]) bonded to carbon. They are subdivided into alkyl, vinylic, aryl,… …   Universalium

  • Alkene — This article is about the chemical compound. For the material, see Olefin fiber. Not to be confused with Alkane or Alkyne. A 3D model of ethylene, the simplest alkene. In organic chemistry, an alkene, olefin, or olefine is an unsaturated ch …   Wikipedia

  • N-Butyllithium — Chembox new Name = n Butyllithium ImageFile = N butyllithium tetramer 3D balls.png ImageName = 3D ball and stick model of n butyllithium IUPACName = butyllithium, tetra μ3 butyl tetralithium OtherNames = NBL, BuLi, 1 lithiobutane Section1 =… …   Wikipedia

  • Difluorocarbene — is the chemical compound with formula CF2. It has a short half life, 0.5 and 20 msec, in solution and in the gas phase, respectively.[1] Although highly reactive, difluorocarbene is an intermediate in the production of tetrafluoroethylene, which… …   Wikipedia

  • n-Butyllithium — hexamer IUPAC name …   Wikipedia

  • Allene — An allene is a hydrocarbon in which one atom of carbon is connected by double bonds with two other atoms of carbon. Allene also is the common name for the parent compound of this series, 1,2 propadiene.Such pair of bonds make allenes much more… …   Wikipedia

  • Alkyne — Alkynes are hydrocarbons that have at least one triple bond between two carbon atoms, with the formula CnH2n 2. The alkynes are traditionally known as acetylenes or the acetylene series, although the name acetylene is also used to refer… …   Wikipedia

  • Piperidine — chembox References= [ [ icsc03/icsc0317.htm International Chemical Safety Card 0317] ] Name = Piperidine ImageFileL1 = Piperidine.svg ImageSizeL1 = 100px ImageFileR1 …   Wikipedia

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