Buddha dharma

Alternative spelling of [Buddha-dharma].

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  • Buddha-dharma — noun a) The teachings, practices and states of consciousness transmitted by Prince Siddhartha, the Shakyamuni Buddha. b) The teachings, practices and states of consciousness transmitted by His Successors …   Wiktionary

  • buddha-dharma — बुद्धधर्म …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Dharma Man Tuladhar — in 1935 Swayambhu stupa in Kathmandu sh …   Wikipedia

  • Buddha footprint — [ Buddha with Dharmacakra and Triratna, 1st century, Gandhāra.] The footprint of the Buddha ( Buddhapada in Sanskrit) is an imprint of Gautama Buddha s one or both feet. It comes in two forms: natural, as found in stone or rock, and artificial… …   Wikipedia

  • Dharma (Buddhism) — For a general discussion of the concept, see Dhamma. Part of a series on Buddhism Outline · Portal Histo …   Wikipedia

  • Dharma transmission — Michel Genko Dubois (left) and Dennis Genpo Merzel performing mind to mind in Dubois s shiho ceremony …   Wikipedia

  • Dharma — Rad des Dharma (Museum Guimet, Paris) Dharma ist ein zentraler Begriff sowohl im Hinduismus als auch im Buddhismus, der religionsabhängig unterschiedliche Bedeutungen hat. Dharma (Sanskrit, m., धर्म, dharma; Pali: Dhamma) beinhaltet Gesetz, Recht …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Dharma talk — Stephen Batchelor giving a Dharma talk at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico A Dharma talk or Dhamma talk or Dharma sermon (Japanese: Hōjo, Chinese: 法語) is a public discourse on Buddhism by a Buddhist teacher.[1] In some Zen traditi …   Wikipedia

  • Dharma — This article is about the term in Indian religions. For other uses, see Dharma (disambiguation).  Dharma (help·info) (Sanskrit: धर्म dhárma, Pali …   Wikipedia

  • dharma — dharmic, adj. /dahr meuh, dur /, n. Hinduism, Buddhism. 1. essential quality or character, as of the cosmos or one s own nature. 2. conformity to religious law, custom, duty, or one s own quality or character. 3. virtue. 4. religion. 5. law, esp …   Universalium

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