Marked by jaundice, or having the appearance of that disease

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  • Icteroid — Ic ter*oid, a. [Gr. ? jaundice + oid.] Of a tint resembling that produced by jaundice; yellow; as, an icteroid tint or complexion. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • icteroid — Yellow hued, or seemingly jaundiced. [ictero + G. eidos, resemblance] * * * ic·ter·oid ik tə .rȯid adj resembling jaundice: of a yellow tint like that produced by jaundice * * * ic·ter·oid (ikґtər oid) [ictero + oid] resembling jaundice …   Medical dictionary

  • icteroid — ic·ter·oid …   English syllables

  • icteroid — ˈiktəˌrȯid adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary icter + oid : resembling jaundice : of a yellow tint like that produced by jaundice …   Useful english dictionary

  • icteric —   a. pertaining to jaundice; n. remedy for jaundice.    ♦ icterine,    ♦ icteritious,    ♦ icteritous, a. yellowish.    ♦ icteroid, a. like jaundice; yellow.    ♦ icterus, n. jaundice …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • icter- — or ictero Etymology: Middle French or Latin icter , from Greek ikter , from ikteros combining form 1. : jaundice icterogen icterohemorrhagic icteroid …   Useful english dictionary

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