unqualified hostname

the portion of a computers Internet domain name that comes before the first period and so is enough to uniquely identify the computer within a domain

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  • Hostname — A hostname (occasionally also, a sitename) is the unique name by which a network attached device (which could consist of a computer, file server, network storage device, fax machine, copier, cable modem, etc.) is known on a network. The hostname… …   Wikipedia

  • subdomain — noun a) a domain name that has been prefaced with additional parts, each part ending in a period A domain is a subdomain of another domain if it is contained within that domain. This relationship can be tested by seeing if the subdomains name… …   Wiktionary

  • Fully qualified domain name — A fully qualified domain name (or FQDN) is an unambiguous domain name that specifies the exact location in the Domain Name System s tree hierarchy through to a top level domain and finally to the root domain. Technically, a FQDN has a trailing… …   Wikipedia

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