wrist shot

a shot that involves using the arm muscles, predominantly the wrist, to propel the puck using the concave side of the blade.

That wrist shot completely fooled the defenders.

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  • Wrist shot — A wrist shot is a type of ice hockey shot that involves using arm muscles (especially those in the wrist and forearm) to propel a puck forward from the open faced, part of the blade of a hockey stick. Generally, when the puck is shot in a similar …   Wikipedia

  • wrist shot — I. noun : a short golf stroke played chiefly from the wrists and usually with an iron II. noun : a quick usually short range shot in ice hockey made while the puck is against the stick s blade by snapping the blade quickly forward * * * wrist… …   Useful english dictionary

  • wrist shot — noun Date: circa 1899 a quick usually short range shot in ice hockey made while the puck is against the blade of the stick by snapping the blade quickly forward …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • wrist shot — /ˈrɪst ʃɒt/ (say rist shot) noun a short chopping golf stroke pivoting from the wrists with the arms held almost still …   Australian English dictionary

  • Shot quality — is a term used in the statistical analysis of ice hockey to indicate the probability that a given shot will result in a goal, based on factors such as the distance of the shot taken, the type of shot (wrist shot, slapshot, backhand, etc.) and… …   Wikipedia

  • Shot (ice hockey) — A shot in ice hockey is an attempt by a player to score a goal by striking the puck with their stick in the direction of the net. There are four basic types of shots in ice hockey:*The shovel shot is the simplest most basic shot in a shooter s… …   Wikipedia

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  • shot — I UK [ʃɒt] / US [ʃɑt] noun Word forms shot : singular shot plural shots *** 1) [countable] an act of firing a gun fire a shot: The man fired two shots from a handgun. a) a bullet that is fired from a gun The third shot hit the officer in the… …   English dictionary

  • Snap shot (ice hockey) — A snap shot is a like an abbreviated slap shot in ice hockey. The purpose of the snap shot is to combine the main advantages of the wrist shot (shot accuracy and quick delivery) and the slap shot (puck speed).The snap shot is accomplished with a… …   Wikipedia

  • Penalty shot (ice hockey) — In ice hockey, a penalty shot is a type of penalty awarded when a team loses a clear scoring opportunity on a breakaway because of a foul committed by an opposing player. A player from the non offending team is given an attempt to score a goal… …   Wikipedia

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