a) a decorative knot of hair on the crown of the head; sometimes having ribbons or feathers
b) a decorative headdress

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  • Topknot — may refer to:* A hairstyle or haircut, historically prevalent in East Asia: **Chonmage, a traditional Japanese haircut worn by men **Sangtu, a knot of hair that married men of Joseon wore * Several species of fishes: ** The New Zealand topknot,… …   Wikipedia

  • Topknot — Top knot , n. 1. A crest or knot of feathers upon the head or top, as of a bird; also, an ornamental knot worn on top of the head, as by women. [1913 Webster] A great, stout servant girl, with cheeks as red as her topknot. Sir W. Scott. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • topknot — ► NOUN 1) a knot of hair arranged on the top of the head. 2) a decorative knot or bow of ribbon worn on the top of the head, popular in the 18th century. 3) a tuft or crest of hair or feathers on the head of an animal or bird …   English terms dictionary

  • topknot — [täp′nät΄] n. 1. a knot of feathers, ribbons, etc. worn as a headdress 2. a) a tuft of hair on the crown of the head b) a tuft of feathers on a bird s head …   English World dictionary

  • topknot — UK [ˈtɒpˌnɒt] / US [ˈtɑpˌnɑt] noun [countable] Word forms topknot : singular topknot plural topknots a hairstyle in which long hair is tied in a tight round ball on top of your head …   English dictionary

  • topknot — [[t]tɒ̱pnɒt[/t]] topknots also top knot N COUNT If someone, especially a woman, has her hair in a topknot, her hair is arranged in a small neat pile on top of her head …   English dictionary

  • topknot —   Pū.   Also: pūpū lauoho, maku u, kā eo, nīheu.     To tie the hair in a topknot, pū i ka lauoho, hamaku u, kīkī …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • topknot — noun Date: circa 1688 1. an ornament (as a knot of ribbons or a pompom) forming a headdress or worn as part of a coiffure 2. a crest of feathers or tuft of hair on the top of the head …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • topknot — /top not /, n. 1. a tuft of hair growing on the top of the head. 2. hair fashioned into a knob or ball on top of the head. 3. a tuft or crest of feathers on the head of a bird. 4. a knot or bow of ribbon worn on the top of the head. [1680 90;… …   Universalium

  • topknot — Synonyms and related words: braid, bun, cap, capsheaf, caput, chignon, coil, crest, crown, cue, feather, hackle, head, heading, headpiece, knot, panache, pigtail, pinhead, pinion, plait, plume, plumule, queue, quill, rattail, scapular, tail, tuft …   Moby Thesaurus

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