Resembling a cigar or some aspect of one.

They then saw a cigarlike flying object flying toward the southeast.

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  • cigar — cigarless, adj. cigarlike, adj. /si gahr /, n. 1. a more or less cylindrical roll of tobacco cured for smoking, of any of various lengths, thicknesses, degrees of straightness, etc., usually wrapped in a tobacco leaf. 2. no cigar, Informal. not… …   Universalium

  • moxibustion — Burning of herbal agents, such as moxa, on the skin as a counterirritant in the treatment of disease; a component of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. * * * mox·i·bus·tion .mäk si bəs chən n the therapeutic use of moxa * * * n. a form of …   Medical dictionary

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