A yellow cheese made from sheep milk.

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  • Kashkaval — (Bulgarian and Macedonian: Kашкавал, IPA2|kaʃka val) is a specific type of yellow sheep milk cheese; however, in Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia, the term is often used to refer to all yellow cheeses (or even any cheese besides… …   Wikipedia

  • Kashkaval — Queso Kashkaval en la República de Macedonia. Kashkaval (Búlgaro y macedonio: Kашкавал) es un queso específico de color amarillo que se elabora con leche de oveja; es muy popular en Bulgaria y República de Macedonia, el término se emplea a veces… …   Wikipedia Español

  • kashkaval — /ˈkæʃkəval/ (say kashkuhvahl) noun a yellow cheese from south eastern Europe, made from either sheep s milk or cow s milk. {name common to various languages of south eastern Europe, from Italian caciacavallo} …   Australian English dictionary

  • Bulgarian cuisine — Part of a series on Bulgarians …   Wikipedia

  • List of cheeses — This is a list of cheeses by place of origin. Cheese counter at shop …   Wikipedia

  • Caciocavallo — ( sq. Kaçkavall; Bulgarian and Macedonian Кашкавал ( Kashkaval ); ro. Caşcaval; sr. Качкаваљ / Kačkavalj ; sc. Caciucavaddu; tr. Kaşar; el. Κασέρι) is a type of cheese made out of sheep s or cow s milk, originally produced in Sicily, Italy, but… …   Wikipedia

  • Cuisine of Bulgaria — Bulgarian cuisine ( bg. българска кухня, bulgarska kuhnya ) is a representative of the cuisine of Southeastern Europe. Essentially South Slavic, it shows Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern influences, and to a lesser extent Armenian, Italian,… …   Wikipedia

  • Sirene — Infobox Cheese name = Sirene othernames = country = Bulgaria, Macedonia regiontown = N/A region = town = source = Cows, originally goats pasteurised = Depends on variety texture = Depends on variety fat = protein = dimensions = weight = aging =… …   Wikipedia

  • Pljeskavica — ( sr. пљескавица) or Pleskavica ( mk. плескавица) is a hamburger dish popular in most of the Balkans.Pljeskavica is eaten in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro and can be found in Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. Traditional… …   Wikipedia

  • Cuisine of the Republic of Macedonia — Macedonian cuisine ( mk. Македонска кујна, transliterated Makedonska Kujna ) is a representative of the cuisine of the Balkans, reflecting Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern influences and to a lesser extent Italian, Mediterranean and Hungarian… …   Wikipedia

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