The aminodiol 2-amino-1,3-octadecanediol that is a component of the sphingolipids

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  • sphinganine — sfinganinas statusas T sritis chemija formulė H(CH₂)₁₅CH(OH)CH(NH₂)CH₂OH atitikmenys: angl. sphinganine rus. сфинганин ryšiai: sinonimas – 2 amino 1,3 oktadekandiolis …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • sphinganine — Dihydrosphingosine; a constituent of the sphingolipids. * * * sphin·ga·nine (sfingґgə nēn) a dihydroxy derivative of sphingosine and similarly a common component of sphingolipids in mammals …   Medical dictionary

  • Sphinganine-1-phosphate aldolase — In enzymology, a sphinganine 1 phosphate aldolase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:sphinganine 1 phosphate ightleftharpoons phosphoethanolamine + palmitaldehydeHence, this enzyme has one substrate,… …   Wikipedia

  • Sphinganine kinase — In enzymology, a sphinganine kinase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:ATP + sphinganine ightleftharpoons ADP + sphinganine 1 phosphateThus, the two substrates of this enzyme are ATP and sphinganine, whereas… …   Wikipedia

  • 3-dehydrosphinganine reductase — In enzymology, a 3 dehydrosphinganine reductase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:sphinganine + NADP+ ightleftharpoons 3 dehydrosphinganine + NADPH + H+Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are sphinganine… …   Wikipedia

  • Serine C-palmitoyltransferase — In enzymology, a serine C palmitoyltransferase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:palmitoyl CoA + L serine ightleftharpoons CoA + 3 dehydro D sphinganine + CO2Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are… …   Wikipedia

  • Vitamin B6 — is a water soluble vitamin. Pyridoxal phosphate (PLP) is the active form and is a cofactor in many reactions of amino acid metabolism, including transamination, deamination, and decarboxylation. PLP also is necessary for the enzymatic reaction… …   Wikipedia

  • Sphingosine — chembox new ImageFile = Sphingosine 2D skeletal.png OtherNames = Formula = C18H37NO2 PubChem = 1104 MolarMass= 299.492 CASNo = 123 78 4 Density= MeltingPt= BoilingPt=Sphingosine (2 amino 4 octadecene 1,3 diol) is an 18 carbon amino alcohol with… …   Wikipedia

  • Sphingosine kinase — protein Name= sphingosine kinase 1 caption= width= HGNCid=11240 Symbol=SPHK1 AltSymbols= EntrezGene=8877 OMIM=603730 RefSeq=NM 182965 UniProt=Q9NYA1 PDB= ECnumber= Chromosome=17 Arm=q Band=25.2 LocusSupplementaryData=protein Name=sphingosine… …   Wikipedia

  • List of EC numbers (EC 4) — This list contains a list of EC numbers for the fourth group, EC 4, lyases, placed in numerical order as determined by the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.EC 4.1: Carbon Carbon LyasesEC… …   Wikipedia

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