1. adverb /əˈʤɑː,əˈʤɑɹ/
a) Slightly turned or opened; as, the door was standing ajar.

There is a sort of unexpressed concern, / A kind of shock that sets ones heart ajar [...].

b) Being at variance or in contradiction to something.
2. adjective /əˈʤɑː,əˈʤɑɹ/
Slightly turned or opened; as, the door is ajar (adjective usage).

When is a door not a door? When it is ajar.

3. verb /əˈʤɑː,əˈʤɑɹ/
a) To turn or open slightly; to become ajar or to cause to become ajar; to be or to hang ajar.

A plainclothes detective knocked on a slightly ajarred door.

b) To show variance or contradiction with something; to be or cause to be askew.

Yes, and the door also lops off stairs leading to a landing on whose landing is another door on whose hinges much of this story ajars, if it hasnt jarred too much already.

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