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  • Perturbation theory — This article describes perturbation theory as a general mathematical method. For perturbation theory as applied to quantum mechanics, see perturbation theory (quantum mechanics). Perturbation theory comprises mathematical methods that are used to …   Wikipedia

  • Erdős–Borwein constant — The Erdős–Borwein constant is the sum of the reciprocals of the Mersenne numbers. It is named after Paul Erdős and Peter Borwein.By definition it is::E=sum {n=1}^{infty}frac{1}{2^n 1} approx 1.60669 51524 15291 763dots It can be proven that the… …   Wikipedia

  • Eisenstein series — This article describes holomorphic Eisenstein series; for the non holomorphic case see real analytic Eisenstein series In mathematics, Eisenstein series, named after German mathematician Gotthold Eisenstein, are particular modular forms with… …   Wikipedia

  • Lambert series — In mathematics, a Lambert series, named for Johann Heinrich Lambert, is a series taking the form:S(q)=sum {n=1}^infty a n frac {q^n}{1 q^n}It can be resummed formally by expanding the denominator::S(q)=sum {n=1}^infty a n sum {k=1}^infty q^{nk} …   Wikipedia

  • Büssing — Infobox Company company name = Büssing AG company company type = Merged with MAN AG company slogan = foundation = 1903 1971 location = Braunschweig, Germany key people = Heinrich Büssing (1843 1929)Founder num employees = N/A industry =… …   Wikipedia

  • Rotters Golf Club — infobox record label founded = 2001 founder = Andrew Weatherall country = UK location = London genre = Electro Post Rock Drum n bass Post punk Techno url = Golf Club is an electro record label set up by DJ… …   Wikipedia

  • Multi-particle collision dynamics — (MPC), also known as stochastic rotation dynamics (SRD)[1], is a particle based mesoscale simulation technique for complex fluids which fully incorporates thermal fluctuations and hydrodynamic interactions.[2] Coupling of embedded particles to… …   Wikipedia

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