a) That emits flame from the mouth or nostrils

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  • Fire breathing — is the act of creating a large flame by spraying, with one s breath, a flammable liquid upon an open flame. The flame is usually held an arm s length away and the spray should be both powerful and misty. This art is said to have originated in… …   Wikipedia

  • fire-breathing — adjective Date: 1933 intimidatingly or violently aggressive in speech and manner < a fire breathing orator > • fire breather noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • fire-breathing — fire′breath ing adj. cvb intensely ardent or passionate; fiery …   From formal English to slang

  • Fire dancing — (also known as, fire twirling, fire spinning, fire performance, or fire manipulation ) is a group of performance arts or disciplines that involve manipulation of objects on fire. Typically these objects have one or more bundles of wicking, which… …   Wikipedia

  • Fire-drakes —  / Fire drake    Fire breathing Dragons.    The more powerful of the two fundamental divisions of dragon kind, who, as the name suggests, were able to breathe fire. Glaurung, Ancalagon and Smaug were all fire drakes.    Almost nothing specific is …   J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary

  • fire-breath·ing — /ˈfajɚˌbriːðıŋ/ adj, always used before a noun 1 : able to produce a stream of fire from the mouth a story about a fire breathing dragon 2 : very angry and emotional in speech, manner, or behavior a fire breathing politician a fire breathing… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Fire eating — A fire eater is an entertainer, often a street artist or part of a sideshow. The performer places flaming objects into their mouth and extinguishes them. They also practice controlling and transferring the flame.History and hazardsFire eating was …   Wikipedia

  • Fire troop — Articleissues citations missing = December 2007 orphan = December 2007A fire troop is a group of performers who train together to produce shows of fire dancing, fire breathing and fire eating …   Wikipedia

  • fire-breather — noun see fire breathing …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Fire department rehab — is a vital firefighting service on the fireground, providing firefighters and other emergency personnel with immediate medical attention including rehydration, treatment for smoke inhalation, and the prevention of such life threatening conditions …   Wikipedia

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