adjective /ˈfɹʌm.pɪ,ˈfɹʌm.pi/

She came to the door in a frumpy housedress and bedroom slippers.

b) Ill- or bad-tempered.

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  • frumpy — UK [ˈfrʌmpɪ] / US [ˈfrʌmpɪ] or frumpish UK [ˈfrʌmpɪʃ] / US adjective Word forms frumpy : adjective frumpy comparative frumpier superlative frumpiest wearing clothes that are not attractive or fashionable …   English dictionary

  • Frumpy — Allgemeine Informationen Herkunft Hamburg Gründung 1969 Auflösung August 1972 Neugründung 1990 1995 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • frumpy — 1746, cross tempered, from frump (n.) bad temper (1660s) and an earlier verb meaning to mock, browbeat (1550s), of obscure origin, perhaps imitative of a sneer or derisive snort. Sense of sour looking, unfashionable is from 1825, but this may be… …   Etymology dictionary

  • frumpy — [adj] dowdy badly dressed, baggy, blowsy*, dingy, drab, dull, frumpish, homely, old fashioned, outdated, plain, poorly dressed, shabby, sloppy, stodgy, unfashionable, unkempt, unstylish; concept 589 …   New thesaurus

  • frumpy — [[t]frʌ̱mpi[/t]] ADJ GRADED (disapproval) If you describe a woman or her clothes as frumpy, you mean that her clothes are dull and not fashionable. I looked so frumpy next to these women. ...bulky, frumpy clothes. Syn: dowdy …   English dictionary

  • frumpy — frump|y [ˈfrʌmpi] adj also frump|ish [ˈfrʌmpıʃ] a woman who is frumpy looks unattractive because she dresses in old fashioned clothes …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • frumpy — also frump.ish adjective a woman who is frumpy looks unattractive because she dresses in old fashioned clothes …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • frumpy — frump ► NOUN ▪ an unattractive woman who wears dowdy old fashioned clothes. DERIVATIVES frumpy adjective. ORIGIN originally denoting a mocking speech or action, later sulkiness: probably from Dutch verrompelen wrinkle …   English terms dictionary

  • frumpy — adjective (frumpier; est) Date: circa 1840 dowdy, drab …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • frumpy — frumpily, adv. frumpiness, n. /frum pee/, adj., frumpier, frumpiest. frumpish. [1740 50; FRUMP + Y1] * * * …   Universalium

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