artesian bore

A bore-hole drilled in an artesian basin to produce an artificial artesian well

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  • artesian bore — /aˌtiʒən ˈbɔ/ (say ah.teezhuhn baw) noun a bore whose shaft penetrates an aquifer and in which the water level rises above ground by hydrostatic pressure. Also, artesian well. {French artésien relating to Artois, former province of France where… …   Australian English dictionary

  • bore drain — /ˈbɔ dreɪn/ (say baw drayn) noun (in outback areas) a drain carrying water from an artesian bore to wherever it may be needed for sheep, cattle, irrigation, etc. Also, bore stream …   Australian English dictionary

  • artesian water — /aˌtiʒən ˈwɔtə/ (say ah.teezhuhn wawtuh) noun water from an artesian bore …   Australian English dictionary

  • bore head — /bɔ ˈhɛd/ (say baw hed) noun the top of an artesian bore …   Australian English dictionary

  • bore water — /ˈbɔ wɔtə/ (say baw wawtuh) noun water from an artesian bore …   Australian English dictionary

  • bore — I. verb (bored; boring) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English borian; akin to Old High German borōn to bore, Latin forare to bore, ferire to strike Date: before 12th century transitive verb 1. to pierce with a turning or twisting movement… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bore — I. /bɔ / (say baw) verb (bored, boring) –verb (t) 1. to pierce (a solid substance) or make (a round hole, etc.) with an auger, drill, or other rotated instrument. 2. to force by persistent forward thrusting. 3. Horseracing to push aside… …   Australian English dictionary

  • artesian well — noun a) An aquifer in which water rises to the surface under its own hydrostatic pressure. b) A bore hole in an artesian basin …   Wiktionary

  • bore — 1. verb /bɔː(ɹ)/ a) To make a hole through something. b) To inspire boredom in somebody; to disinterest. Ant: interest See Also: borer …   Wiktionary

  • bore sinker — /ˈbɔ sɪŋkə/ (say baw singkuh) noun someone who drills artesian bores. –bore sinking, noun …   Australian English dictionary

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