a) A compound of arsenic and hydrogen, AsH, a colorless and exceedingly poisonous gas, having an odor like garlic.
b) Any organic derivative of this compound, or of diarsane, triarsane etc.

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  • Arsine — Ar sine ([aum]r s[i^]n or s[=e]n), n. [From {Arsenic}.] (Chem.) A compound of arsenic and hydrogen, {AsH3}, a colorless and exceedingly poisonous gas, having an odor like garlic; arseniureted hydrogen. [1913 Webster] || …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • arsine — [är sēn′; är′sēn, ärsin, är′sin] n. [ ARS(ENIC) + INE3] 1. a very poisonous, flammable gas, AsH3, that smells like garlic 2. any of its derivatives …   English World dictionary

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