a rikishi, or rank juryo and above, who draws a salary

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  • Sekitori — Un sekitori (関取, sekitori?) est un lutteur de sumo (ou rikishi) classé dans l une des deux premières divisions du classement : makuuchi et jūryō. Actuellement, il y a 70 sekitori. Les avantages d être sekitori par rapport à être classé dans… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Sekitori — A sekitori (関取) is a sumo wrestler who is ranked in one of the top two professional divisions: makuuchi and juryo. Currently there are 70 rikishi in these divisions. The benefits of being a sekitori compared to lower ranked wrestlers include: *… …   Wikipedia

  • Sekitori — n. sumo wrestler whose rank is higher than Juryo …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Sumo — For other uses, see Sumo (disambiguation). Sumo (相撲) A sumo match (tori kumi) with komusubi Kotoshōgiku in January 2008. Focus Grappling Hardness Full contact …   Wikipedia

  • Glossary of sumo terms — Rikishi redirects here. For the professional wrestler, see Rikishi (wrestler). The following words are terms used in sumo wrestling in Japan. Banzuke for the 1993 May tournament, with an example of a wrestler at sekiwake rank, Wakashoyo, as… …   Wikipedia

  • Ōtsukasa Nobuhide — 皇司 信秀 Ōtsukasa Nobuhide Personal information Born Nobuhide Ōuchi February 18, 1971 (1971 02 18) (age 40) Hyōgo, Japan …   Wikipedia

  • Professional sumo divisions — Professional sumo is divided into 6 ranked divisions. Wrestlers are promoted and demoted within and between these divisions based on the merit of their win/loss records in official tournaments. For more information see kachikoshi and makekoshi.… …   Wikipedia

  • Mawashi — Keshō mawashi redirects here. For the company Mawashi, see Mawashi Protective Clothing Inc.. In sumo, a mawashi (Japanese: 廻し) is the belt that the rikishi (or sumo wrestler) wears during training or in competition. Upper ranked professional… …   Wikipedia

  • Katayama Shinji — Sumo wrestler infobox wrestlername = 片山 伸次 Katayama Shinji realname = Shinji Katayama dateofbirth = birth date and age|1979|09|6 placeofbirth = Yaizu, Japan height = height|meters=1.80 weight = convert|140|kg|lb|abbr=on|lk=on heya = Onomatsu rank …   Wikipedia

  • Kinboshi — Sumō [sɯmoː] (jap. 相撲, auch 大相撲 Ōzumō) ist eine ursprünglich aus Japan kommende Form des Ringkampfs. Der Begriff geht zurück auf japanisch sumō zu sumafu (dt. sich wehren). Einen Sumō Kämpfer bezeichnet man als Sumōtori. Ziel des Kampfes ist es,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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