verb /ˈsuː.pəˌneɪt,ˈsjuː.pəˌneɪt,ˈsuː.pəˌneɪt/
a) To twist the forearm so as to turn the palm of the hand backwards if the forearm is pointing up, upwards if the forearm is horizontal, or forwards if the arm is pointing down; to twist the forarm by contracting the biceps brachii; to twist the right forearm clockwise or the left forearm counterclockwise.
b) To twist the foot so the weight is on the outer edge.
See Also: supinated, supine

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  • supinate — 1831, from L. supinatus, pp. of supinare, from supinus (see SUPINE (Cf. supine)) …   Etymology dictionary

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  • supinate — 1. To assume, or to be placed in, a supine (face upward) position. 2. To perform supination of the forearm or of the foot. [L. supino, pp. atus, to bend backwards, place on back, fr. supinus, supine] * * * su·pi·nate sü pə .nāt vb, nat·ed; …   Medical dictionary

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