Resembling spinach.

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  • spinachy — adjective see spinach …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • spinachy — …   Useful english dictionary

  • spinach — noun Etymology: Middle English spinache, from Anglo French, alteration of Old French espinaces, from Medieval Latin spinachium, ultimately from Arabic isfānākh, from Persian Date: 15th century 1. an Asian herb (Spinacia oleracea) of the goosefoot …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • spinachlike — adjective Resembling spinach. Syn: spinachy …   Wiktionary

  • spinach — n. 1 a green garden vegetable, Spinacia oleracea, with succulent leaves. 2 the leaves of this plant used as food. Phrases and idioms: spinach beet a variety of beetroot cultivated for its edible leaves. Derivatives: spinaceous adj. spinachy adj.… …   Useful english dictionary

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