radiography of the defecation process

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  • Defecography — is the radiographic examination of the operation of the defecation process under fluoroscopy. A thickened barium contrast putty is injected into the rectum and then excreted by the patient while the radiologist looks on. [ Dorland s Medical… …   Wikipedia

  • defecography — Radiographic examination of the act of defecation of a radiopaque stool. [defecation + G. grapho, to write] * * * def·e·cog·ra·phy (def″ə kogґrə fe) [defecation + graphy] the making of rapid sequence radiographs or the recording… …   Medical dictionary

  • Defecation posture — Humans can practice defecation in a number of defecation postures, including: *squatting defecation posture in squat toilets **the posture used for Japanese toilets is a variation of the squatting posture *sitting defecation posture in Western… …   Wikipedia

  • Human defecation postures — Flush toilets are meant to be used with the user comfortably seated on them, but some medical researchers claim that this posture is associated with health risks Humans can perform defecation in a number of defecation postures. The two most… …   Wikipedia

  • Fecal incontinence — ICD 10 R15 ICD 9 787.6 Fecal incontinence (or faecal incontinence, FI) is the loss of regular control of the bowels. Involuntary excretion and leaking are common occurrences for those affected. Subjects relating to defecation …   Wikipedia

  • Internal intussusception — of the rectum is a medical symptom associated with straining to defecate, usually associated with chronic constipation and diagnosed by defecography. Surgical interventions to correct the problem have exhibited limited success, usually treating… …   Wikipedia

  • Anismus — (also known as spastic pelvic floor syndrome, [Bleijenberg G, Kuijpers HC: Treatment of the spastic pelvic floor syndrome with biofeedback. Dis Colon Rectum 1987, 30:108 111] anal sphincter dyssynergia, [ [ Help… …   Wikipedia

  • Defecating proctogram — Diagnostics MeSH D019841 The defecating proctogram or defecography is an imaging study performed by a radiologist in which the mechanics of a patient s defecation are visualized in real time using a fluoroscope …   Wikipedia

  • cinedefecography — cine·def·e·cog·ra·phy (sin″ə def″ə kogґrə fe) defecography …   Medical dictionary

  • Выпадение прямой кишки — Тяжёлый случай выпадения прямой кишки …   Википедия

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