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  • euthanase — /ˈjuθəneɪz/ (say yoohthuhnayz) verb (t) (euthanased, euthanasing) to subject to euthanasia. Also, euthanise. {backformation from euthanasia} …   Australian English dictionary

  • euthanize — eu|tha|nize [ˈju:θənaız] v also eu|tha|nase [ neız] BrE [T] to kill an animal in a painless way, usually because it is very sick or old = ↑put down ▪ The decision to euthanase a pet is heartbreaking …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • euthanise — /ˈjuθənaɪz/ (say yoohthuhnuyz) verb (t) (euthanised, euthanising) → euthanase. Also, euthanize. {euthan(asia) + ise1} …   Australian English dictionary

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