Of or pertaining to a monarch or monarchy.

Although a socialist he did have monarchical leanings

Syn: monarchal, monarchial

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  • monarchical — UK [mɒˈnɑː(r)kɪk(ə)l] / US [məˈnɑrkɪk(ə)l] or monarchic UK [mɒˈnɑː(r)kɪk] / US [mɑˈnɑrkɪk] adjective relating to a monarch or monarchy …   English dictionary

  • monarchical — [mə när′ki kəl] adj. 1. of, characteristic of, or like a monarch or monarchy 2. favoring a monarchy: Also monarchic monarchically adv …   English World dictionary

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  • monarchical — monarchically, adv. /meuh nahr ki keuhl/, adj. 1. of, like, or pertaining to a monarch or monarchy. 2. characterized by or favoring monarchy. Also, monarchic. [1570 80; < Gk monarchik(ós) (see MONARCH, IC) + AL1] * * * …   Universalium

  • monarchical — Synonyms and related words: absolute, aristocratic, authoritarian, autocratic, autonomous, bureaucratic, civic, civil, constitutional, democratic, despotic, dictatorial, dynastic, fascist, federal, federalist, federalistic, governmental,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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